Original Sculpture by Eric
"Adam 5", $2500 (sold)
14x12x20, Terracotta

Sculpture from the Heart

By Eric

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The third dimension is in absoluteness, alluring, and is the dimension that allows an artist to feel that completion can be obtained. It's very unlike the 2 dimensional world of creation, where the recipient viewer is set in a seat and only allowed to view one unchanging image. When the third dimension is added, the viewing plane is soared into almost infinite lines of sight, allowing a feeling of reality to take control of the play between the viewer and the creator.

To me, as an artist, the privilege of creating in the third dimension, is pure excitement rushing between my fingers and my mind's eyes, and again riding on the winds of freedom.

Original Sculpture by Eric
"Ice Light Tree Fountain", $4000
9ftx4ft dia, indoor/outdoor
High Grade Stainless & Glass

Original Sculptures by Eric are available for purchase.
You can also commission a custom sculpture, any size,
any medium, or portraiture in bronze or clay.
If you'd like more information about a piece or a commission,
contact us at...  Contact Eden-Stones

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Original Sculpture by Eric
"Eve 4", $1500
13x10x8, Terracotta
Original Sculpture by Eric
"Water Walker", $900
5ft tall, indoor/outdoor,
Copper, Glass, Steel & Locust
Original Sculpture by Eric
"Young Girl", $3000
Life Size Bronze Portrait
Commissions Available

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