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Eden Stones Is Eric...


"Look what he is doing with clay! And he is only 7!"


Shortly after, my drawings amazed the family. That is why my high school art teachers pushed me off to art school. Straight A's, plus 3 full year scholarships and 4 years gave me a double major in sculpture and design. I worked after school and summers and years flashed by in the industrial arts. I fled that arena, rushing toward my heart's longing....My yearning...my fine arts again!spacer

I did some galleries and then some shows for years. I was always just a painter, glass artist, sculptor or jeweler, and not allowed to be all of me!

So here I am now!spacer


Eden-Stones Is Carolyn...


In the middle of raising her children, something happened, don't know quite what. But she did know she wanted to paint, and very much so! So much, that she started buying art books. Having no art back-ground, no teaching, or art school, she taught herself. Her watercolors, and her work proclaim that. Now she is off to pastels, etc. and the mixing of such. Quite skilled at jewelry too.

She is also my wife of 20+ years now!

Eric of Eden-Stones

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Eric & Carolyn

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